5 Easy Ways to Keep it Fresh for 2018

January 2, 2018

Eating Clean & staying on top of your New Years Goals doesn't have to be complicated. Many people consider cleaning up their diets & choosing wiser food options. We encourage you to consider a whole food approach to your new routine and not to be overwhelmed & fooled by "weight loss fads". Choosing wholefoods will not only improve your overall health, but get you back in touch with your kitchen. Even if life is busy, choosing to take a little extra time to make wise food choices will actually save you time, money & you will feel the benefits faster. At Cowan's we are making it our goal to keep it easy for you!

Here are our 5 Easy Tips to keep yourself feeling fresh.

1. Sign Up for Fresh Box Series

Our Fresh Box Series is raved about! Why? Because it's convenience & Fresh Foods rolled into one. It provides you with seasonal favs & essentials on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You can Sign up ANYTIME & we can even arrange delivery. It is our best value at $175 for 5 weeks which is only $35/ wk. Each box looks more like our full sized classic fresh boxes giving you a savings of $15 / week.

2. Switch to Sourdough Bread

Love Bread but starting to have a love/hate relationship with it? Sourdough is not only delicious, but it is a natural alternative to those avoiding gluten. It is yeast free, vegan, sugar free & contains the goodness of bacterial culture. We order it fresh for Wednesdays & Fridays from our friends at Downie St Bakery is Stratford. It is also available with your Fresh Box for an additonal $25 (for 5 loaves). PS. Because there is no sugar added to the dough, to rise, the bacteria eats at the gluten containing in the wheat which reduces the gluten overall once its baked - no suitable for celiac but a popular choice for those avoiding high gluten foods.

3. Get yourself a Fresh Bundle

NEW to our line up of Fresh Convenience - Our Fresh Bundles! Includes 2 x 1L Soups // Sourdough // Lettuce & Pre-Prepped Salad fixings + house made dressing. Available for Pre-Order w/ Pick Ups on Wednesday or Friday. Total is $55 Flat. 

4. Add more Fermented Foods

Get your gut into gear - fermented foods are the best way to keep your immune system boosted, increase natural gut flora & promote natural detoxification. Gut health is becoming a more popular topic & fermented foods like Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Sourdough + more are becoming the go-to whole food choice! Eat yourself healthy.

5. Join our Cooking Tutorial Sessions

After our first initial classes to test out the format - our Cooking Tutorials were a success & we will be going forward with regular sessions for you to attend. Our sessions cover a variety of topics pertaining to wholefoods & getting comfortable in the kitchen without the hassle of relying on recipes. Melissa's open environment concept allows for you to ask questions about anything & have a relaxed evening as she takes you through what she is cooking. Each session provides sampling & tasting as well as extended shopping hours afterwards. Each session is 1.5hours / fee is $15 flat. All ages are welcome.


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