Why is Himalayan Salt good for you?

March 9, 2017

Pink Himalayan Salt



Benefits of Himalayan Salt

- Mined in Pakistan

- Contains 84 essential minerals + electrolytes

- reduces inflammation
- Detoxes/ Cleanses skin + organs (great to use instead of epsom salt in baths!) 
- Helps to remineralize the body, which helps to boost the immune system
- Balance PH levels, which also helps with immunity & digestion




Himalayan Salt Lamps



What are the Benefits of Himalayan Salt lamps?


- Helps to improve sleep

- They are "Hygroscopic" which means they absorb water from the air |: traps dirt, pollen and     other contaminants. 

- Reduce allergy symptoms & help with breathing

- Neutralizes electromagnetic currents given off of electronics

- When they are heated (from the light) they release negative ions. This helps those with SAD

- Increase energy levels 

- Gives an overall sense of well-being 



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