Wiser Ways to Wet Your Whistle

February 3, 2017

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up everyone will be planning drinks to pair with all those delicious munchies (view our previous Healthy Super Bowl Snacks post). Though we can't provide you with the alcoholic portion, we can provide you with healthier mix options! 

Here are some tips to help you make better choices:
1. Avoid sugary beverages
2. Use Mixes that contain real / natural ingredients! 

3. Use natural sodas / Dry Soda




Ginger beer is great for making Dark & Stormy's, Moscow Mules & even on it's own!
Find these brands in store! 



There is no comparison when it comes to Walter's Caesar mix vs. Mott's Clamato. 
If you want true Caesar flavour without all the additives then Walter's Caesar is the definite winner. 




Dry Soda's are a great drink mix option that contain less sugar than regular soda but provide all the flavour and carbonation, while keeping the drink light! 

Dry Sparkling Soda Cocktails 

3 Delicious Cocktail Recipes




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