WHOLE FOOD Recipes: Portobello Steaks!

January 5, 2017


21 Days of WHOLE FOOD Recipes: #2


Portobello "steaks" are a great alternative to a traditional meat steak. An EASY go-to for most vegans & vegetarians, but you would be surprised the flavor these pack - could fool any meat lover!

Many ways to prepare Portobello steaks & teh recies out there are endless - below is a super recipe to get started with. Our favourite is to pair with mashed potatoes, on top of quinoa or mixed in with a chopped salad (buddha bowl!)


Melissa's Portobello Steaks:

1. Wash Really Well

2. Heat a pan to medium heat, add a generous amount of coconut oil.

3. Drop Mushrooms into pan with a generous amount of space to cook & flip in the pan.

4. Pour in 2-3 tbsp Coconut Sauce, generous amount of fresh cracked pepper, dash of Himalayan Salt & Herb de Provence or any mild herb blend (thyme, romsemary, oregano, basil) Splash of Lemon over top is great too!

5. I turn off heat after 5 mins of simmering in the pan & keep covered for about 3 mins. Eat & Enjoy


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